We are your local expert and representitive.

Having products made in a foreign country can be complicated. Problems include: communication breakdown due to language barrier and time difference, high traveling cost, legal issues, unfamiliarity to local logistics, difficulty to proceed quality inspection in person....Dealing directly with Chinese manufacturers might be a good option, but have you considered hiring a group of local experts to solve the above problems?

We are here to assist you from the start. We can help you establish multiple relationships spread across different industries. Not only can we connect you to manufacturers who specialize in your product category, but we can do so while giving you the best price. ​


We communicate with manufacturers as your local representitive. We help you find the best price and ensure your quality standards will be met. We handle all logistic arrangements from the factory to your destination. Our specialized quality inspection team will make sure the products are produced properly, and report to you the process and inspection results through quality report. We also accept third party of quality control if that's what you desire. During the process, we are your problem solvers if anything unexpected happens. 

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