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     Founded in 2001, we have since had a 5% increase in sales nearly every year, reaching a net sale of 150 million dollars last year. We currently work with over 100 Chinese manufacturers. Additionally, we have grown expertise in a broader variety of products including: all aspects of outdoor products, fishing and snow products, fashionable eye wears, restaurant consumables, etc. 

      Our major clients, who we have worked with for over a decade, include NANIWA CO.,LTD.KAWASE CO.,LTD.,  FISHLAND CO.,LTD.Dr.EYE's, CO., LTD., and ZENSHO HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. among many others. We also have done business with British firms. Now, the two major categories we are trading are outdoor and eye wear. For outdoor, we cover the category broadly, exporting all kinds of related goods. For eye wear, we focus on delivering high quality products with the latest design in the fashion industry.

     With the majority of clients from Japan, we hope to explore global opportunities and extend our reach. Our first step toward this goal will be our attendance at Germany Spoga+gafa 2016. Booth area at C1 F1. Feel free to talk to us.


In 2011, Japan suffered from a huge earthquake that resulted in a tsunami crashing into the Northeast. In the face of the dreadful disaster, we donated $5000 worth of tents, earthquake supplies, as well as cash to the disaster area to offer neccessary help to people who needed tempolary shelters and daily use products.

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